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Geeva Flava


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"Geeva Flava, a musical ensemble formed in 2013, blends various genres such as jazz, rock, folk and electronica in their works. They started their professional journey with the album that bears their name released in 2016. The same year they won the IKSV Young Jazz competition. Then in 2017 they initiated their live recording project “Sürmekan”, where the story of venues are communicated through the songs “Dereboyu” and “Humble Jungle”. They carried on their works with the musical fascicles called “Botanik # 1” in 2018 and “Kinetik #2” in 2019. In 2020, after releasing their single project “Telve” where they added the electronic elements to their musical spectrum; Geeva Flava started working on their second album named “Hadal Zone”, a concept work that they introduced to their audience in 2021 by Gulbaba Records."

In the summer of 2022, the band released the singles of the upcoming album "Yekpare" which are called "Tayakadın" and "di mi".

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